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A little bit of art and illustration

Latest from the Blog

I am Gabriel Uttley. I thought I would create this blog to write down a few ideas and thoughts about drawing, my musings and other interesting bits and pieces that I find along the way.

I hope whoever reads this will learn something and pass it on.

The calming sea

There’s nothing better than just listening to the waves and enjoying the sea breeze. It’s a meditation sound all on its own that is impossible to explain why it is so calming.

The loving dog

This was one of my latest drawings, and also one of my favourites. It is based loosely on a loving dog called Ralph, who loves company. He hates to be left on his his own and needs plenty of attention and cuddles, but you can’t ask for a more loyal and loving friend. What moreā€¦

The magnificent puffin

This puffin made me smile, as it looks like it has had one too many fish! I have some new pencils and new books so I’m trying out a few new techniques. Who said it needs to be perfect, I think the character comes from the little imperfections. šŸ¤£

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