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I am Gabriel Uttley. I thought I would create this blog to write down a few ideas and thoughts about drawing, my musings and other interesting bits and pieces that I find along the way.

I hope whoever reads this will learn something and pass it on.

The thatched cottage doodles

I thought it was time to try and draw a few different styles, so thought I would try the farm house and the thatched cottage. The thatched cottage brings back lovely memories of holidays in the British countryside. Again, the book by Mark Linley has given me some fantastic pointers. I would highly recommend hisContinue reading “The thatched cottage doodles”

Fountains Abbey doodle

I was sent this beautiful image of Fountains Abbey and decided to try replicate it. I hope I have done it justice. Fountains Abbey brings back fond childhood memories. Have you got any special places that bring back fond memories?

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